Children 'intoxicated' and in hospital after drinking too many slushies

The condition is being linked to glycerol in the drinks, which stops them from freezing completely.

Children ‘intoxicated’ and in Perth and Kinross hospital after drinking too many slushies Getty Images

Children have been rushed to hospital after becoming intoxicated – by drinking too many slushy drinks.

Parents in Perth and Kinross have been warned to keep an eye on what their kids have been drinking after doctors linked a rise in youngsters being admitted for treatment to the icy drinks.

It is thought high levels of glycerol in the drinks, which stops them from freezing completely and keeping them slushy, are the cause of the issues.

Perth and Kinross Council said on Thursday that it had been alerted to the issue by Food Standards Scotland.

The authority said there had been a rise in kids having to be admitted with “symptoms similar to intoxication” after consuming the frozen treat.

Issues are believed to arise when a child – especially one under the age of three – drinks too many slushies in a short span of time.

Glycerol is a naturally occurring alcohol. It is an odourless liquid that is used as a solvent, sweetening agent, and also as medicine.

The local authority said it was important to ensure that children – especially those under three years old – do not drink more than one slushy in one hour.

The council said: “We’ve been alerted by Food Standards Scotland to some cases where children have been admitted to hospital with symptoms similar to intoxication after consuming large quantities of slush drinks in a short space of time.

“This has been linked to the glycerol in the drinks, which stops them freezing completely, making them slushy.

“It is recommended that children (especially those under the age of 3) do not consume more than one of these drinks within an hour and the temptation of unlimited refills should be avoided.