Bus park and ride to Balmoral opened for floral tributes to Queen

Those wishing to pay their respects to the Queen have been asked to avoid bringing candles, soft toys or photographs.

Bus park and ride to Balmoral opened for floral tributes to Queen Getty Images

A park and ride facility has been opened up for those wishing to lay floral tributes outside the gates of Balmoral following the passing of her majesty the Queen.

Buses bound for the Royal estate will depart from the villages of Ballater and Braemar until 7pm every day, allowing those in mourning to leave flowers as a mark of respect.

The monarch passed away at the Aberdeenshire estate on Thursday afternoon at the age of 96.

Walkways will be in place to direct members of the public from the car park to the gates where tributes will be accepted.

Only floral tributes will be permitted – no other items such as candles, soft toys or photographs should be brought, the estate warned.

“Members of the public are advised that there will be limited rest facilities at the estate and are asked to return to Ballater or Braemar after paying their respects,” a statement read.

“There will be neither the space nor the facilities to allow the public to gather in the area.

“There will also be restrictions regarding what can be taken on the buses, with signage in the locations to this effect.”

The Park and Ride will operate from Monaltrie Park from 10am until 7pm daily.