Burst water main leads to supply issues for almost 1000 homes overnight

Homeowners in Aberdeenshire reported issues with their water supply late on Sunday.

Burst water main in Westhill, Aberdeenshire affecting water supply Facebook

A burst water main led to supply issues for almost 1000 homes overnight in Aberdeenshire. 

Homeowners in Westhill reported issues with their water supply late on Sunday, after the pipe burst on Old Skene Road.

The issue continued through to Monday morning, after efforts to fix the problem resulted in a secondary burst, leading to flooding across roads in the town.

Scottish Water said water supplies had been fully restored by midday on Monday and repairs to the pipe are expected to be completed later in the day.

Customers were warned they may experience no water supply or low water pressure while the fault is being repaired and that water may be discoloured. 

Trapped air may cause cloudy discolouration which will clear in 24 hours, the water provider said.

Scottish Water added that natural lying sediment within the mains being disrupted may cause some water supplies to become brown or dark in colour.

Customers have been advised to run kitchen taps at half pressure until the water stream runs clear to solve the issue.

In a statement, Scottish Water said: “Water supplies have been fully restored after the burst water main occurred on Old Skene Road around 11pm last night, affecting almost 1000 homes as well as Westhill Shopping Centre. 

“Efforts to fix the problem led to a secondary burst in the early hours of this morning, however a team is on-site to carry out the repairs, and the problem is expected to be fully resolved later today.

“We apologise for the inconvenience and thank affected customers for their patience and understanding.”