Support worker sent 'indecent and sexual' texts to former service user

Gary Grubb was employed as a resettlement worker and practitioner when the incidents occurred.

Aberdeen support worker who sent ‘indecent and sexual’ texts to former service user struck off Getty Images

An Aberdeen support worker who sent “grossly indecent and sexual” Snapchats to a former service user has been struck off.

Gary Grubb was employed as a resettlement worker and practitioner at Aberdeen Cyrenians Ltd when the incidents occurred.

He was reported to Police Scotland and convicted for the same at Aberdeen Sheriff Court on January 11 last year.

On or between December 3 and 14, 2019, Grubb sent a service user he had previously supported inappropriate messages and photographs on Snapchat.

A hearing by the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) described the texts as grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character.

They made sexual references and referred to using sex toys, and were “sufficiently severe to attract criminal responsibility.”

In a ruling, the SSSC said: “The messages and photographs you sent were inappropriate and of a grossly indecent and sexual nature and resulted in you being convicted of a criminal offence.

“Your actions raise significant concerns about your ability to effectively manage relationships with people you support and call into question your underlying values and nature.”

It added that Grubb’s messages were severe enough to warrant a criminal conviction – regardless of whether they were unwanted and mutual, or not.

The ruling continued: “Social service workers must not use their professional position to pursue sexual or otherwise improper relationships with users of services and your behaviour leading to your conviction completely contradicts this responsibility.”

Grubb was struck off from the SSSC register effective Monday, June 5.

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