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School films nativity play after outbreak of norovirus

Up to 100 pupils and staff at Brimmond School have been affected by illness.

Nativity: Brimmond Primary School has been forced to cancel its Christmas play. Getty Images

When the winter vomiting bug struck, one school was determined that the show must go on.

Brimmond Primary School in Aberdeen has been forced to cancel its nativity play after a bad outbreak of norovirus. But instead of letting all the hard work of pupils go to waste, the school has decided to make a film of the children’s efforts.

Up to 100 pupils and staff have been laid low by the virus over the last three weeks.

Public performances of the nativity play have been cancelled along with the Christmas fair.

Instead, individual classes will be filmed and the performance shared with parents.

The school said bringing all classes together publicly would just increase the risk and spread of infection.

Aberdeen City Council said the school was currently videoing classes individually singing their songs.

This will then be shared with parents either via social media or on a DVD.

Norovirus can cause both vomiting and diarrhoea and can be be very unpleasant for those suffering its effects.

The stomach bug can be spread very easily and is highly contagious.

The NHS advises those affected to stay off school or work until symptoms have abated for two days.

A council spokeswoman said: “We have followed NHS and Aberdeen City Council advice for pupils contracting a sickness bug, and have carried out increased cleaning and a deep clean.

“Unfortunately, we have had to cancel the nativity play and concerts to try and reduce numbers of pupils being infected.”

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