Christmas tree replaced after falling apart in 24 hours

The city centre 'scabby' tree was removed and replaced within a day.

The first tree (left) has been replaced by a fuller one (right).
The first tree (left) has been replaced by a fuller one (right).

A “scabby” Christmas tree in Dundee’s City Square has been replaced a day after it was put up.

The area was cordoned off yesterday as the tree was erected ahead of Friday’s festive lights switch-on.

However, the council has since brought the threadbare original down and put another fuller version in its place after onlookers complained of its “scabby” nature.

Kelly Miller, who spotted the tree when out with her toddler, said at first she didn’t realise it was a Christmas tree.


She said: “It was really scabby.

“I told my two-year-old that wasn’t a proper Christmas tree.

“I walked past the bus stops outside Overgate and honestly thought it was one of the trees that had lost all it leaves outside Barclays Bank.

“But I realised it was actually the Christmas tree when I got past it.”


Dundee City Council confirmed it has replaced the tree “at no extra cost”.

The city’s official Christmas lights switch-on will take place on Friday at 6.45pm.

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