I re-do! Dementia sufferer remarries wife as new partner

Bill Duncan, who had forgotten Anne's name, gave her the shock of her life when he proposed to her.

By Laura Alderman

A dementia sufferer has remarried his wife after becoming convinced she’s his new girlfriend.

Bill Duncan from Aberdeen was diagnosed with the disease, which erases memories, in 2011.

Over the last year, he gradually forgot her name and much of their 18 years together.

But the pensioner, 71, who struggles to talk, gave his wife Anne the shock of her life a few weeks ago when he popped the question.

Anne told STV News: “He became very amorous towards me and kept telling me how much he liked me – he said this is real and then suddenly the penny dropped.”

Anne initially laughed off the proposal, convinced Bill wouldn’t remember it.

However, the next day he was persistent and kept asking when they were going to tie the knot.

She decided to buy a dress but was still convinced she would never wear it.

However, few days later the couple re-married in an emotional ceremony in their back garden surrounded by family and friends.

“It was absolutely magical, Anne said. “I felt like I really was getting married again.

“My family and friends just embraced it.

“It was just the most natural thing in the world.

“We danced to the same music as the last time.”

She said to Bill: “You’ve been a happy chap since with your new wife! It’s been very special.”

Since their special day, Anne says Bill has been incredibly affectionate and is “in love with his new wife.”

Anne looks after Bill full time at their home in Aberdeen.

Since his diagnosis the pair created and launched the hugely successful dementia-friendly disco events – “Boogie in the Bar,” so they could still dance together.

Anne told STV News she still takes Bill to the events, and although he doesn’t dance like he used to, if she catches him tapping his feet, she’s happy.

Speaking about caring for someone with dementia she said, “Some days are rubbish, and other days are magical, when they completely surprise you. He’s still my Bill.”

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