Hundreds of homes left without power after lightning strikes

Parts of Scotland were hit with thunder and lightning, with residents left without power.

Hundreds of homes have been left without power after thunder and lightning storms hit parts of Scotland.

Torrential rain has left some areas with localised flooding, just a day after the country enjoyed the highest temperatures of the year.

Several houses in Aberdeenshire were struck by lightning on Saturday evening, leaving many residents without power.

SSE say 216 properties are still without power in Aberdeen area, with engineers working throughout the night and into this morning.


Turf was blown out of the ground with the force of the impact at one home in Aberdeenshire.

CCTV footage also showed a pylon exploding in a residential area at Wemyss Bay in Inverclyde.

Firefighters were called out to multiple small fires and electrical faults following the storms.

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