Six-year-old’s video about living with epilepsy goes viral

Ellie Bruce filmed the video after being bullied over her condition.

A six-year-old girl with epilepsy has been praised after making a video describing how she lives with the condition.

Ellie Bruce, from Montrose, Angus, suffered from seizures for years before being diagnosed with epilepsy in January.

The youngster has faced bullying at school and, after an incident at a local playpark, decided to film a video explaining what her condition is and how she deals with it.

Mum Katie McGowan explained: “She had been at the park and had a seizure and she’d peed herself and the other children had found it funny.”


Ellie added: “That’s not nice, is it? It made me sad.”

The video has now gone viral, with thousands of views worldwide. It will also be used as part of a lecture at Oxford University later this month.

Ellie and her mum have now learned to identify the warning signs of a seizure.

“It makes me feel dizzy and i get sore heads and sore belly,” she said.


Kate added: “I was relieved she is medicated, and we’re hopefully going to get these under control, and she’s got an epilepsy nurse now.”

The family is planning to continue to raise awareness of the condition and Ellie has a message for other people with epilepsy.

She said: “It’s ok. I’ve got epilepsy too. It’s nothing really to worry about.”

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