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Loud bang and white lights reported in skies over Scotland

Police Scotland said they were unable to ascertain the cause of the phenomenon.

Sky: Dashcam footage captured the moment the sky lit up. <strong>Jenni Morrison</strong>
Sky: Dashcam footage captured the moment the sky lit up. Jenni Morrison

A large white light and rumbling “bang” have been reported in the skies over the north east of Scotland, prompting speculation they may have been caused by a meteor.

Reports came in of a large white flash in the sky around 7pm on Monday, with Twitter users across the Highlands, Aberdeenshire and Perth saying they had witnessed the phenomenon.

Some people have reported feeling buildings shake as a result of the bang.

STV News weather presenter Sean Batty said the flash appeared to be from a meteor burning up in the atmosphere, lighting up a sheet of cloud.

He said: “I’ve had lots of tweets from around the north and east of the country this evening with people reporting a loud bang and a large flash in the sky. Most tweets have come from around Perthshire, Angus, Aberdeenshire and Moray.

“There are no thunderstorms being reported anywhere in Scotland this evening, therefore this is not due to a flash of lightning.

“We do not have any cumulonimbus clouds in Scotland at the moment, which are required for thunder to develop.

“My only conclusion would be that this is indeed a meteor which has burned up and exploded during entry into our upper atmosphere.

“The flash of light would be of an extraordinary level, and given tonight’s full cloud cover this would have illuminated the whole sky.”

Jenni Morrison captured the moment the sky lit up on her daschcam as she drove on the A944 heading towards Alford, outside Aberdeen.

She told STV News the flash illuminated the whole sky. She said: “It was amazing, I’ve never seen anything like it. It was like someone had switched a light on.”

Police Scotland said they had been unable to ascertain the cause of the noise.

A spokesman for the force said: “We’ve had reports of a very loud bang but we’ve been unable to establish what it is.

“Some people were saying their houses were shaking.”

He said there had been no reports of aircraft in distress in the area from air traffic control.

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