Uig Primary School on Isle of Skye closed by council

The school has been mothballed since the end of the 2009/10 session.

Uig Primary School on Isle of Skye closed by council Google Maps

Uig Primary School on the Isle of Skye has been formally closed, the local council has revealed.

The school has been mothballed for over a decade with children from the area now attending Kilmuir Primary.

The Highland Council confirmed on Wednesday that proposals to formally close it have been implemented.

It was first closed in 2010 with the local community later asked for their opinion on its future in an “extensive” public consultation.

Only two pupils attended the school at the end of its last session in 2009/10.

One reason given for the closure reason was suggestions that the number of children who would attend once it reopened would be too low to make the school viable, and bring educational disadvantages to those that did attend.

Kilmuir Primary is around five miles away from Uig.

As with all school closures, the proposal was referred to Scottish Ministers, who can decide to “call-in” a proposal for further investigation.

On Tuesday, ministers confirmed that the closure proposal will not be called in, and that Highland Council may therefore proceed to implement the closure.

The Highland Council says it will work with the community to explore how to make best use of the building.