Seal pup with nets wrapped around neck saved by marine rescuers

The rescue team hiked up 2.5 miles to the point at Tresness where the seal was seen.

Seal pup with nets wrapped around neck in Orkney saved by British Diving Marine Life Rescue British Divers Marine Life Rescue

A seal pup with monofilament netting wrapped around its neck was helped by marine rescuers in Orkney on Sunday.

British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) in Sanday were called out to the entangled young grey seal at Tresness.

The marine medics found the young pup beside a rock pool entangled by netting.

The monofilament was cutting into the animal’s flesh and rescuers decided to haul the seal out to restrain it and safely cut away the netting.

The medics found monofilament netting tangled around the seal's neck, cutting into the flesh. British Divers Marine Life Rescue

The endeavour proved successful and the seal was let go immediately after since the wound was not infected.

BDMLR said that, due to the animal’s extremely remote location, bringing it to a vet would have required a long and stressful journey and an overnight stay.

Instead, medics will return to the site periodically to check on the young pup to ensure a smooth and speedy recovery.

BDMLR also thanked the member of public who made the report and gave the seal a “second chance”.