Pod of orcas spotted playing with sea otter in North Sea

The killer whales were spotted by orca enthusiast Karen Munro off the coast of Caithness.

Pod of orcas spotted playing with sea otter in North Sea Karen Munro via SWNS

A pod of orcas have been spotted playing with a sea otter off the coast of Caithness.

Wildlife enthusiast Karen Munro has been following killer whales as a hobby for nearly 20 years.

The mum-of-one was thrilled when she spotted the orcas playing in the North Sea on Thursday evening around 9.30pm.

The 44-year-old said the weather wasn’t great, but it was worth it to see the stunning creatures at play while out for a walk with friends.

The sea otter was spotted just before entering the water. Karen Munro via SWNS

Karen said: “We weren’t convinced the orcas got it.

“We think they were just playing with it.

“The youngsters are probably using it to learn how to hunt.

“One of my friends thinks it got away.

“We never saw the otter coming out of the water.

“They had a kill maybe ten or 15 minutes before, the gulls scavenging is an indicator.

“Everyone has been telling me seeing the otter is really unusual.

“You can see these massive orcas and then the otter’s tail poking up.”