‘Pigs can’t fly’: RAF base staff discover piglet on runway

An engineer came to rescue the little hog as he joined pilots on the tarmac.

‘Pigs can’t fly’: RAF base staff discover piglet on runway Facebook

Personnel at a Royal Air Force base were shocked when they spotted a pig joining pilots on the runway.

Senior Aircraftman Technician George French came to rescue the little hog when he appeared on the tarmac on Thursday during morning flying at RAF Lossiemouth.

A spokesperson for the base said: “Someone forgot to mention to this little guy that pigs can’t actually fly. We can’t blame him for trying though.

“Thankfully our people are trained to keep an eye out for unusual activity or hazards on our runways whilst they carry out their skilled jobs in order to keep our personnel and aircraft safe.

Engineer SAC(T) George French rescued the pig from the runway where he had tried to join pilots (RAF Lossiemouth/Facebook)

“You will be happy to know no piglets, personnel or aircraft were harmed during this strange turn of events.”

RAF Lossiemouth, in Moray, is one of the country’s two Quick Reaction Alert stations which protect UK airspace.

The base is home to four Typhoon combat aircraft squadrons, one Poseidon MRA1 squadron, and an RAF Regiment squadron.