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Mountain rescue ‘rant’ after 16-mile trek to find safe walker

Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team criticised the hiker for a 'total abuse of our resources'.

Rescue: A team shared a 'rant' on social media Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team
Rescue: A team shared a 'rant' on social media

Mountain rescue have blasted a hiker after they trekked for miles to help him during Storm Brendan – only to find him safe in a bothy with his friends.

Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team (MRT) were called out to help an injured walker on the path between Ben Alder Lodge and Ben Alder Cottage on Monday evening.

Assisted by Tayside MRT, they walked around 16 miles in heavy snow before finding the man in Ben Alder Cottage Bothy, complaining of a “sore tendon”.

The walker then decided to stay there with his companions.

In a rant they said was rare, Cairngorm MRT described the call-out as an abuse of their resources.

“We rarely criticise but this was [a] total abuse of our resources,” a statement said.

“He was found in the bothy with his mates in their sleeping bags. We walked 26km in very poor weather to find him. He said he had a sore tendon.”

The team added: “However, rant over and it’s full winter conditions at last on the hill.

“Enjoy yourselves. But if you need us we will come.”

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