More than 30 people rescued after sheet ice traps cars at Fairy Pools

Coastguard and Mountain Rescue teams had to be called in to free stricken motorists from the icy car park.

More than 30 people rescued after sheet ice traps cars at Isle of Skye’s historic Fairy Pools iStock

Dozens of people were rescued from their cars after vehicles became trapped by freezing conditions at a renowned Scottish beauty spot on Boxing Day.

Eight cars containing more than 30 passengers were abandoned at the Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye when sheet ice prevented them from moving from the car park for more than six hours.

Police Scotland were forced to call on support from Mountain Rescue and HM Coastguard Teams to free the trapped groups – who had been out walking around the serene location during the day.

Highland Council gritting trucks were also deployed to help free the stricken vehicles – all of which have now left the area.

Officers said they were called to the car park at around 4.30pm, though Coastguard crews did not leave the area until after 11pm.

No one is understood to have been hurt during the incident.

The Pools, which have struggled to cope with visitor numbers in recent years, are currently undergoing repair work to much of their surrounds.

New walkways are to be created and paths restored in an effort to maintain their surging popularity.