Huge area of Scottish national park ravaged by wildfire

Ground covering an area bigger than seven football pitches was left scorched by the flames.

Huge area of Scottish national park ravaged by wildfire FLS

A fire has devastated an area larger than seven football pitches at Scotland’s largest national park.

Flames broke out in the Cairngorms sometime before 2.18pm on Saturday and firefighters tackled the blaze for almost 20 hours.

The blaze affected a huge area by Glenmore Forest Park and Loch Morlich, near Aviemore.

The ground was left scorched by the wildfire.FLS

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service dispatched more than seven appliances, including specialist gear, to bring the fire under control as it spread to an area of seven hectares.

Forestry and Land Scotland said it is not known how it started but warned visitors to take precautions to avoid starting a fire.

Fire ravaged a huge area of the national park.FLS

A spokesperson said that people should take care to dispose of cigarettes and litter responsibly, avoid starting campfires and only use a barbeque where it is safe to do so, such as a designated campsite.

Firefighters did not issue the message to stop once the flames had been subdued until 9.35am on Sunday.

Firefighters fought for more than 20 hours to subdue the flames.FLS