Experts ‘amazed’ by discovery of giant sunfish on beach

The 100kg fish was discovered on the Black Isle.

Experts ‘amazed’ by discovery of giant sunfish on beach

Marine experts have been “amazed” by the discovery of a giant sunfish, washed up on a Highland beach.

The 100kg (220lbs) creature beached on the Black Isle on Wednesday morning.

It is unusual for the species to appear on the east coast. It has previously been spotted off the Western Isles.

Dr Andrew Brownlow, of Scottish Marine Animal Strandings Scheme (SMASS), which is part of Scotland’s Rural College, said: “It’s a really amazing, fascinating find.

“It’s unusual to have one this far north. It’s certainly unusual to have this one on the east coast, so it’s really worthwhile picking it up.

“We hope to learn in due course after looking at it in detail.”

The fish will be examined and then handed over to the National Museums Scotland in Edinburgh.

Sunfish can weigh up to a tonne and grow to more than 3metres (9ft) across.

There were reports that it may have been seen alive nearby the dolphin-spotting haven of Chanonry Point earlier in the week.

Dr Brownlow suggested the location of the find may be related to climate change.