Endangered Amur tigers celebrate at Highland Wildlife Park

The animals were awarded at the conversation charity with a box 'full of straw and perfume' on International Tiger Day.

Endangered Amur tigers celebrated a national holiday at the Highland Wildlife Park.

Staff at the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) treated the animals to a colourful box of straw and perfume in honour of International Tiger Day.

The endangered tigers were pictured enjoying tearing the cardboard box up, which staff described as an “exciting enrichment” for the family.

The tigers appeared to enjoy their gift. RZSS via Supplied

The wildlife conservation charity say the tigers, who are at risk of extinction due to extensive habitat loss and poaching, represent an important contribution to the future of the species.

Staff at the RZSS hope the animals can be continue to be conserved by developing methods to evaluate tiger diets within the WildGenes laboratory based at Edinburgh Zoo.

The species are at risk of extinction.RZSS via Supplied