Skye earthquake ‘sounded like an explosion’

British Geological Survey detected 2.6 magnitude quake at 5.41pm on Friday.

An earthquake that “sounded like an explosion” was felt on the Isle of Skye.

The British Geological Survey detected a 2.6 magnitude quake at 5.41pm on Friday.

The tremor was recorded around 12km south-east of Broadford.

A small number of reports were also made by residents in Glenelg and Ratagan in the Lochalsh area.

The reports described the quake as a “weak shaking” and said it “sounded like an explosion”.

The intensity was changed from a two on the European Macroseismic Scale, which is scarcely felt, to a three, which is weak but felt by a few people.

The depth of the tremor was recorded at 8km.

While not a regular occurrence, earthquakes are not uncommon in parts of the Highlands and Islands.

Two earthquakes were felt minutes apart in Glencoe in November.