‘Cheeky’ stag captured sticking tongue out at photographer

Aileen Louden captured the funny moment while taking wildlife photographs in the Highlands.

‘Cheeky’ stag captured sticking tongue out at photographer Aileen Louden via SWNS
Monarch of the Glen: Cheeky stag pictured sticking his tongue out at wildlife photographer.

A wildlife photographer has captured the moment a ‘cheeky’ stag poked its tongue out at her.

The animal was spotted in a group of about 12 deer in a glen about an hour’s drive from Inverness, Highlands.

Aileen Louden, 47, from Bathgate, West Lothian, had made an overnight trip to take wildlife pictures.

The HR advisor at the University of Edinburgh was delighted with the snap, which stood out from more serious pictures.

Aileen said: “I was out looking for stags to photograph.

“I was out with a guide hoping for some nice shots. I managed to catch him being a bit cheeky.

“I didn’t expect it and I hadn’t realised until I got home and started sifting through.

“I had taken a couple hundred photos across the day. When I got home I noticed he was sticking his tongue out.

“I did get some nice, regal Monarch of the Glen serious photos as well.

“I thought it would make people smile.

“There were loads of them, they were in groups of about a dozen.”