Catch of the day: Photographer captures osprey in action

Alan Wemyss, 55, waited five hours to snap the perfect pictures at a bird hide in Aviemore.

Catch of the day: Photographer captures osprey in action SWNS

An amateur photographer waited five hours to snap these amazing pictures of an osprey rising from the water clutching its next meal.

Alan Wemyss, 55, captured the snaps while on an early morning shoot in the Highlands at a bird hide in Aviemore.

Fishing: Mr Wemyss waited five hours for the perfect picture.

Mr Wemyss, a joiner from Inverness, was at the lookout spot at Aviemore Ospreys from 4am until 9am, patiently waiting to photograph the bird.

The osprey’s massive wingspan and piercing yellow eyes can be seen as it carries off the catch.

The keen snapper, who normally photographs motorsports, said he was delighted with the picture and the response he has received to it online.

Hooked: The osprey took off with its breakfast.

He said: “I have been to the hide once before, last year, but I didn’t get very good shots.

“I usually do motorsport photography, but I just thought I would give the wildlife stuff a go.

“I got to the hide around 4.15am and was there until 9am to capture the birds at first light when they start fishing.

“The set up is fantastic because you are eye level with the birds coming in to fish.

“There were about seven around the pound at one point.

“At the start there was a dominant male which wasn’t allowing the other to fish, but when he left was when I was able to get that shot.

“I am delighted with the pictures and totally amazed at the feedback I have had to them.”