Care home staff move into campervans to protect residents

The workers at Isobel Fraser Care Home in Inverness hope their plan will stop the spread of coronavirus.

Care home staff move into campervans to protect residents Isobel Fraser Care Home

Staff at an Inverness care home have moved into campervans outside their work in a bid to protect the residents from coronavirus.

The 13 workers have agreed to stay within the vehicles overnight for at least the next three weeks in an attempt to restrict their movements to stop Covid-19 from spreading through Isobel Fraser Care Home.

The home’s manager, Victoria Connelly, told STV News she came up with the idea to keep everyone safe.

She said: “Care homes are the worst hit from coronavirus.

“I just want to keep everyone safe and thought this would be the next best step.”

‘We’re all in this together.’

Victoria Connelly, care home manager

The home has been on lockdown since March 20 with only essential staff and visitors allowed in and out.

Deliveries will continue to be made to the back door, while doctors will consult via the telephone and only visit in an emergency.

Ms Connelly added: “The staff have been amazing. I couldn’t have done this without the team.

“We’re all in this together.”