Cancer drugs could be delivered to Western Isles by drone

Cargo deal to transport treatment from Inverness Airport could be coming to an end this summer.

Cancer drugs could be delivered to the Western Isles by drone under new plans drawn up by the NHS.

Systematic Anti-Cancer Treatments (SACTs) are currently transported under a strict security regime due to the potentially highly toxic nature of the medicines. 

But it’s feared a deal to have them flown by cargo plane to the islands from Inverness Airport will come to an end this summer.

NHS Western Isles confirmed it was exploring the possibility of using drones instead.

However, it admitted there was a host of safety issues to sort out first.

The health board said it was holding talks with the cargo company which currently delivers SACTs, but added: “Running in parallel, and looking to the future, is an initiative to fully explore the potential use of drones to transport items to the Western Isles.

“Exploratory work is progressing well, however this is a medium-term possibility in terms of becoming a reality.”

Story by local democracy reporter Peter Urpeth