Bin lorry burst into flames after hot ash sparks blaze

Workers had a narrow escape after a fire broke out in the vehicle.

Bin lorry burst into flames after hot ash sparks blaze

A team of Highland bin lorry workers had a narrow escape after discarded hot ashes sparked a fire in their vehicle.

Firefighters were called and managed to extinguish the flames.

The council workers were not injured in the drama, which happened just off the A833 Tomnacross road, south east of Inverness, on Monday morning.

It prompted High Council officials to issue a warning to residents about putting hot ash in bin, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

Council spokeswoman Carron McDiarmid said: “We cannot stress enough, at any time, how important it is to take care not to place hot ash in bins.

“Not only does this put the safety of our staff at immediate risk, it also takes the emergency services away from dealing with other emergencies.

“In this time of Covid-19 crisis, we urge everyone to be careful. Please think.

“Check and check again, carefully, to ensure ash is cooled before discarding it in bins.”

A replacement lorry has been provided and bin collections in the area have resumed.