Battling toddler gets bone marrow match after world search

Three-year-old Adeline Davidson will begin treatment this week.

A Highland toddler at the centre of a worldwide search for a bone marrow donor will begin treatment this week after a match was found.

A race against time began last year to try to save the life of three-year-old Adeline Davidson, from Alness, who suffers from a rare blood condition.

Last year almost 1000 people registered or turned out at an open drive in Inverness to try to find a suitable donor.

Over the past few months Adeline has required a blood transfusion every week to help her survive.

It had been thought she had a rare type of blood cancer, myelodysplasia. Further tests have been unable to properly determine a diagnosis, but her platelet count means a bone marrow transplant is her best opportunity to live a normal life.

Adeline’s parents, Jordan and Steph, were overjoyed when a match was found.

Adeline will now begin treatment this week in a Glasgow hospital, firstly undergoing chemotherapy to prepare her for the bone marrow transplant.

Speaking about her daughter’s donor, Ms Davidson said: “We are just so grateful it’s overwhelming.

“At the start of searching we only had a seven out of ten chance and they’re a nine out of ten match for Adeline.”

The family will have to spend weeks in hospital away from work, but the local community has rallied round to support them.

Mr Davidson said: “It’s been unbelievable, people we don’t even know have been giving up their own money and time to help us out.

“It’s been crazy really, we just want to thank everyone.”

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Happy New Year to all of Adeline’s Journey followers! 🥂 . Wishing you all a year of happiness and health, live your life to the fullest and don’t take your health for granted! ❤️ . We want to thank everyone for all the support we’ve received this year and I hope that continues throughout 2020, goodness knows we’ll need it!! 🙏 . And although we never want to wish time away we really hope that 2020 is a quick one 🤞 . Throughout the Christmas period Adeline has had her normal checks, she’s had a transfusion and we all have been to Glasgow and Edinburgh! 🏥 . In Glasgow she got an MRI to check her iron levels in her liver and also to check her heart, while she was under anaesthetic they took another bone marrow aspirate. We won’t get results for a week or so! Adeline still has to get an echo and a kidney test with dye before transplant so that’ll be another trip! 🚗 . In Edinburgh we met the lovely fertility professor and he explained the procedure is too much risk for Adeline having low counts BUT he is confident she will get to puberty with eggs and at that point we can then do the procedure or freeze her eggs in her teens! Meanwhile they would test AMH (anti-mullerian hormone) now and after transplant and through the years, this will give an indication of how many eggs she has in her ovaries 🥚 . I felt comfort with what the professor was saying and he has been in his profession longer than we are old! So Adeline won’t be going under any procedure for fertility, it’s a horrible thought if it doesn’t go the way we want to but we can’t put Ads at risk, all we have to do is hope! 🙏 . . . #adelinesjourney #bonemarrowfailure #hospitals #trip #glasgow #edinburgh #fertility #updates #happynewyear #followers #2019 #2020 #health #happiness #adelinespam

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The couple will also have their eight-month-old twins, Josie and Jude, with them as much as they can while Adeline undergoes treatment, keeping the family unit together.

Ms Davidson said: “We have been told that the room for strict isolation while Adeline undergoes chemotherapy and the transplant strict isolation has been booked out for five weeks.

“We don’t know what the best or worst case scenario is going to be for Adeline, we just have to go with it.

“It just shows you there are people out there who will sign up and obviously her match was out there.

“We are so grateful – thank you is all that we can say really.”  

Ms Davidson has been documenting Adeline’s treatment on Instagram, with the page inspiring other social media users to sign up to the donor register.

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