Earthquake ‘like a low-flying jet’ rocks the Isle of Mull

The 2.1-magnitude tremor comes just days after two similar incidents in Glencoe.

Earthquake: Isle of Mull. <strong>Pixabay</strong>
Earthquake: Isle of Mull. Pixabay

A 2.1-magnitude earthquake rocked the Isle of Mull on Sunday night.

The tremor, which has been compared to the feeling of a low-flying jet, was recorded at 10.31pm and had a depth of 3.5km.

British Geological Survey said: “A small number of reports have been received by members of the public in the Isle of Mull area.

“One described  it as ‘like jet suddenly appearing low above house’.”


The quake in the Inner Hebrides followed two small earthquakes felt in Glencoe last Wednesday evening.

The first of those was recorded at 5.40pm with a magnitude of 1.9, before a second took place seven minutes later with a rating of 1.7.

Annie Harpur, who lives in the village in the Highlands, said the walls of her home had “vibrated”.

On Thursday, she said: “We have felt a few in recent years but this was the worst so far, so I was surprised it was only 1.9 on the scale.


“My husband and I were sat on the sofa chatting, the noise was like an articulated lorry coming through the wall or a train.”

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