Landowner who lost children in blast thanks Scots for support

Anders Holch Povlsen and his wife Anne, who own Highland estates, have written touching letter.

Anders Holch Povlsen: Letter published in newspapers. <strong>PR Hans Christian Jacobsen</strong>
Anders Holch Povlsen: Letter published in newspapers. PR Hans Christian Jacobsen

Scotland’s largest landowners have said thank you for the support received since three of their children died in the Sri Lanka terror attacks.

Anders Holch Povlsen and his wife Anne – who own a string of estates in the Highlands – lost five-year-old Alfred, Agnes, 12, and Alma, 15, in a bomb attack on Easter Sunday.

In a letter published as an advert in newspapers, the couple wrote: “We extend our heartfelt gratitude for the condolences, sympathy and many warming thoughts we have received following the tragic loss of our three beloved and beautiful children; Alfred, Agnes, and Alma.

“The Scottish Highlands has granted us abiding, special memories for our family. It is for this reason that the many words of comfort have fortified us and touched our hearts.”


Mr Holch Povlsen, the tycoon behind online clothing retailer Asos and Denmark’s wealthiest man, is believed to be the largest landowner in Scotland.

The family holds an estimate 200,000 acres, and had planned to rewild the landscape to preserve it for future generations.

More than 250 people died during a wave of bomb attacks on churches and hotels in Sri Lanka. The couple’s other daughter Astrid survived the blasts.

They added: “Our thoughts and condolences go to the many other innocent families who also lost their loved ones in the tragedy in Sri Lanka.


“In the immense sadness, we are genuinely grateful that we remain united with our daughter, Astrid.

“The loving memory of our three children, their wonderful spirit and souls will always be in our hearts.”

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