Mother stunned as she captures unborn baby on heat camera

Fiona Petrie's two children were able to get a sneaky peek at their new sibling.

Baby on board: Family's suprise as unborn baby makes a star appearance during day out. <strong>Fiona Petrie</strong>
Baby on board: Family's suprise as unborn baby makes a star appearance during day out. Fiona Petrie

A woman was stunned when she captured her unborn baby on camera during a trip to a theme park in the Highlands with her family.

Fiona Petrie was visiting Landmark Forest Adventure Park in Carrbridge with her partner and two young children when they stepped into the Bamboozeleum.

The attraction is filled with optical illusions, puzzles and special effects, as well as a thermal imaging camera that picks up heat.

Standing in front of it with her family, she was surprised to her unborn baby appear on the screen.


Capturing the special moment on her camera phone, the alternative pregnancy scan clearly shows the outline of her unborn baby in an orange hue.

Fiona said: “My two boys aged five and three had a great time visiting Landmark last week and we even got a sneaky peek at their new baby brother or sister, thanks to the heat cam in the Bamboozeleum.”

Landmark’s Ross Coulter said the photo was one of the favourites sent in as part of a new promotional drive.

He said: “This family photo was sent in to us as part of the #LandmarkMoments campaign that we are currently running on social media and we just had to share it.


“The campaign has been all about getting families to share their favourite moments from the park with us and we were quite frankly stunned when we saw this fantastic shot from Fiona.

“What’s incredible about the picture is that our heat cam has actually been able to pick up the thermal image of the baby that Fiona is expecting, meaning that her children were unexpectedly able to meet their new baby brother or sister during their big day out.”

Since Fiona sent the picture to the adventure park, Landmark’s Facebook page has been overwhelmed with visitors who now want to visit with their pregnant friends and family.

Mr Coulter added: “The image has proven to be extremely popular since we originally posted it with many people tagging their pregnant friends to encourage them to come to the park to try it for themselves.

“Many others have also pointed out that it would be a rather dramatic way of breaking the news to their partner or to discover the news themselves.

“Either way, we’re looking forward to welcoming lots more expectant mothers into the park over the next few weeks as they try to recreate the image.”

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