Red Cross emergency lorry gutted by blaze in Inverness

The vehicle caught fire outside its Cradlehall Business Park offices on Tuesday morning.

Inverness: Lorry found ablaze near Red Cross HQ (file pic). <strong>© STV</strong>
Inverness: Lorry found ablaze near Red Cross HQ (file pic). © STV

A Red Cross emergency response vehicle has been gutted by fire in Inverness.

The lorry was found ablaze outside the organisation’s Cradlehall Business Park offices in the early hours of Tuesday.

The cause of the fire is unclear but the vehicle, which is used during emergencies and public events, is not believed to have been moved.

A Red Cross spokesman said: “It was parked outside our office in Cradlehall Business Park along with several other Red Cross vehicles.


“It’s a blow and the vehicle is pretty well gutted but it’s not going to affect our ability to get help to anybody who needs it. We have plenty of other vehicles.

“There were gazebos and trolley beds inside at the time along with a bicycle – at least some of which was damaged.”

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