Travis singer Fran Healy needs surgery after dachshund attack

The Why Does It Always Rain On Me star was attacked by a dog in California.

Travis singer Fran Healy needs surgery after dachshund attack Twitter

Travis singer Fran Healy has revealed that he had to undergo emergency surgery on a hand injury after being attacked by a dog he was trying to rescue in California.

The Glaswegian Why Does It Always Rain On Me star went in for the operation on Wednesday night after an MRI scan showed he had fluid on the joints and a possible torn tendon.

He was attacked by the dachshund last month after rescuing it from a busy road near his house.

He said the dog “mauled the s**t” out of him and left him with blood pouring from his hand when he tried to pick it up and take it away from oncoming traffic.

Following the incident he attended urgent care but revealed on Wednesday that despite the wound healing he was still unable to play his guitar, so he was referred to a specialist and told emergency surgery would be needed.

He wrote on Twitter: “I was referred to a hand specialist because, despite the wound healing, I still couldn’t play D on my guitar. The middle finger on the left hand was sticking 1cm above the string.

“The doc had me have an MRI which revealed fluid on the joints and possible torn tendon. So today I’m going in for emergency surgery to see what the damage is and to repair it. I’ll never look at a sausage the same way again.”

Healy has been lead singer of Travis since the band formed in Glasgow over 30 years ago.

The band hit the big time in following the success of their album The Man Who in 1999 that saw them win three Brit Awards for hits such as Turn, Writing To Reach You and Driftwood.