Sean Connery’s younger brother dies following long illness

Neil Connery starred in the James Bond spoof Operation Kid Brother during the 1960s.

Sean Connery’s younger brother dies following long illness From Sweden With Love

Tributes have been paid to Neil Connery, brother of the late actor Sir Sean Connery, following his death after a long illness.

The 82-year-old passed away just seven months after his older brother and James Bond star who died on October 31, 2020.

Mr Connery passed away on Sunday evening, May 9, leaving behind his wife Eleanor and daughters Martine and Leone.

Born in Edinburgh, seven years after his brother Thomas, who would go on to be known as Sean, Mr Connery made a living as a plasterer.

Actor Neil Connery, the brother of James Bond star Sean Connery, poses with actresses Lois Maxwell (left) and Daniela Bianchi (right), at a press conference for Bond spoof Operation Kid Brother in Italy on November 25, 1966 (Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)Getty Images

But when his tools were stolen and he was interviewed on the radio, his voice, which was strikingly similar to his brother’s, caught the attention of an Italian film producer.

Mr Connery went on to star in 60s spy spoof Operation Kid Brother alongside James Bond actresses Lois Maxwell and Daniela Bianchi, with a score by Italian composer Ennio Morricone.

Brian Smith, an Ian Fleming historian who interviewed Mr Connery for Cinema Retro magazine, said he loved the whole process of making the film.

He told STV News: “Neil had a very singular sense of humour.

“He looked like Sean and he sounded like Sean, but he was very much his own man.”

Following the shoot for Operation Kid Brother, Mr Connery fell ill and was unable to attend the voice recording sessions meaning another actor is dubbed over his performance. Although dissapointed, Mr Smith said the Scotsman was proud of his work on the film.

Mr Connery did not continue with a full-time career in acting but did go on to have roles in 1969’s The Body Stealers and an episode of Taggart in 1989.