Janey Godley celebrates with bubbly as cancer scans come back clear

The comedian celebrated with a glass of champagne while on a trip to London.

Janey Godley has shared a positive update with fans about her cancer journey, adding that she celebrated the news with a glass of champagne.

The Scottish comic took to Twitter to share an update with her fans that her recent scans have come back clear.

The 62-year-old underwent a hysterectomy in 2022 after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer in November 2021.

On Twitter she wrote: “My cancer scan came back clear. My breast screening came back clear.

“I will never be cured of ovarian cancer but I will continue to be treated for it thanks Scottish NHS and @Beatson_Charity.

“I am now off to get a glass of champagne.”

TV host Lorraine Kelly was amongst those who congratulated her.

Kelly said: “Great news @JaneyGodley – enjoy that bubbly.”

Food writer and TV cook Nigella Lawson added: “This is the best news!”

Godley later shared a photo of a celebratory glass of champagne from London private members club Groucho Club. 

She added: “I’m not all clear, I will always have ovarian cancer but for now it’s being treated and I am responding to that treatment.”

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