Radio listeners fundraise for Scot who lost job to buy pint

During The Chris Moyles Show on Wednesday, an Aberdeenshire man said he couldn't afford to go for a beer.

Radio listeners fundraise for Scot who lost job to buy pint

Radio X listeners have rallied round to raise more than £1100 so as an Aberdeenshire man can enjoy a pint after losing his job.

During The Chris Moyles Show on Wednesday morning, the DJ was discussing pubs reopening in Scotland when longtime listener Barry Pirie – aka Big Baz – texted in to say he couldn’t afford to go for a drink as he’d lost one of his jobs.

After reading out Mr Pirie’s text on air, Moyles said: “We could have a whip round for you Big Baz. The Big Baz Beer Fund.”

Mr Pirie, from Stonehaven, was encouraged to set up a GoFundMe page.

Radio X listeners from around the world then rallied round to raise funds, with the total currently sitting at £1154.

Joining Moyles live on air, Mr Pirie said: “I can’t believe it, can’t believe it.

“Can I just say to everyone who put in even a fiver, you have no idea. 

“It’s not just about beer anymore. That’s two months’ wage for me, on this job.”

Mr Pirie said the money would help with food and his daughter’s dancing classes.

He added: “Next month’s just going to be so much easier.

“Thanks so much, honestly, thank you.”

Moyles, a Leeds United fan, then joked he was taking the money back after finding out that Mr Pirie was a Manchester United supporter.

Moyles joked: ““Woah, woah, woah, what did you say? 

“Right, take the money off him, close the site down.

“I didn’t know this. I’ve been hoodwinked.”