Lewis Capaldi forced to stop concert after fight breaks out in crowd

The singer was performing Hold Me While You Wait when the fight broke-out at Manchester's AO Arena.

Lewis Capaldi forced to stop Manchester concert after fight breaks out among crowd STV News

Lewis Capaldi was forced to pause his concert after a fight broke out on Wednesday night.

The singer stopped the show at Manchester’s AO Arena with security called to intervene.

In a video posted to social media, the Forget Me singer can be heard saying: “They are scrapping in the crowd there. Erm, we are going to have to get them out.”

The fight happened during the 26-year-old’s performance of Hold Me While You Wait, a single from his debut album.

Sounds of “boos” could be heard echoing around the arena as a result of the disruption.

Capaldi said: “We can’t be fighting” adding “What a weird song to fight to. Bizarre, bizarre.”

The singer, whose latest single Pointless has reached number one, is due to perform at Glasgow’s Ovo Hydro on January 24.