Kevin Bridges says late father is 'greatest of all time' after death

Representatives for the comedian confirmed that he passed away on January 5.

Kevin Bridges says late father is ‘greatest of all time’ after death aged 75 STV News

Kevin Bridges has paid tribute to his father Andy who passed away at the age of 75 on Thursday.

Representatives for the comedian confirmed that he died on January 5, surrounded by his wife Patricia and family.

Posting in the early hours of Monday morning on Twitter, Bridges posted a clip of his father with the caption “The greatest of all time”.

The 36-year-old previously spoke about his father on the Graham Norton Show in 2015 about the importance of him at the beginning of his career.

He told the presenter: “My dad, he used to drive me to the gigs because I was too young to perform in the clubs so they’d let me as long as I brought a parent, which was pretty uncool.

“Having to bring a note in and say you’re alright to go on stage in these comedy clubs.

“He used to drive me everywhere, all over Scotland.”

In September 2021, Bridges shared a picture on Instagram of himself and his dad stood outside The Stand, a comedy club in Glasgow – where his dad drove him for his first gig.

The caption read: “Over 17 and a half years since this man drove me up here for my first open mic spot.

“Good to have him back in da cluuuub last night. There we were now here we are.”

Messages of condolences flooded in for the comedian following his post on Monday morning from fans and those across the entertainment industry.

Singer Amy MacDonald wrote: “So sorry for your loss. Can’t imagine what you’re going through.”

While comedian Ray Bradshaw added: “Sorry for your loss mate. Remember seeing your dad at all the gigs back in the day and how proud he was. Love to you and the family.”