Heavy metal festival cancelled after ‘Nazi band’ bookings

A music venue in Glasgow has cancelled a heavy metal festival over links to neo-Nazi bands.

Classic Grand: Heavy metal festival cancelled.
Classic Grand: Heavy metal festival cancelled.

A heavy metal festival in Glasgow has been cancelled over claims neo-Nazi supporting bands with songs such as Gas Chamber were booked to perform.

Darkness Guides Us, which was due to take place in the city’s Classic Grand this November, will now no longer take place.

The venue pulled the plug after allegations that four of the bands set to appear had links to the far-right movement.

A spokesman for Classic Grand said it will not be a platform to any form of hatred as he confirmed the show was cancelled as soon as the fascist connections came to light.

In statement the venue said: “The Classic Grand has been made aware of certain connections to fascist ideology being associated with the festival which was due to take place in November of this year.

“As such we have made the decision not to be associated to this festival and will no longer be hosting this event.

“The Classic Grand does not give a platform to any form of hatred.”

Reports suggested that several bands associated with the far right National Socialist Black Metal movement, including Satanic Warmaster who have previously involved in reported clashes with anti-fascists in Glasgow, were due to appear.

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