Harry Styles helps superfan reveal baby's gender at Edinburgh concert

The As It Was star answered the woman's plea to help her reveal the gender of her unborn baby at the BT Murrayfield Stadium.

Harry Styles reveals pregnant superfan’s baby gender at Edinburgh concert in front of thousands Getty Images

Harry Styles helped a pregnant superfan reveal the gender of her unborn baby in front of thousands at his Edinburgh concert. 

The As It Was singer, dressed in leather trousers and a black T-shirt adorned with a bejewelled doughnut, noticed a sign in the crowds at the BT Murrayfield Stadium on Friday evening, which read ‘Boy or girl, please do my gender reveal’.

He then took an envelope containing the gender of the baby from the crowd and brought it on stage, before adding: “Are you sure you want to do this?

“This is very private information and you’re willing to share it with all these people? You’re willing to share it with me?”

The girl, who gave her name as Taylor and said she was at the concert with her mum, said she was seven months along in her pregnancy. 

Harry then asked the band to play some ‘gender reveal music’, and told the crowds “I know something you don’t know” after opening the envelope. 

He then revealed: “Taylor, you’re going to have a little boy.”

The crowd at the venue erupted into cheers at the news following the gender reveal. 

Harry Styles will return to the BT Murrayfield Stadium on Saturday for the second show of his two-night stint at the Edinburgh venue.

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