Hans Zimmer to release reimagined Lion King and James Bond soundtracks

The album will also feature music from The Dark Knight, Gladiator, Inception, Pirates Of The Caribbean and Dunkirk.

Hans Zimmer’s new album to release reimagined Lion King and James Bond soundtracks BBC

Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer will release a double album featuring reimagined versions of his most famous film themes, from Dune to The Lion King and James Bond.

The two-hour record will feature new arrangements from modern Hollywood epics including The Dark Knight, Gladiator, Inception, No Time To Die, Pirates Of The Caribbean and Dunkirk.

The first single, The Last Samurai Suite from the 2003 film starring Ken Watanabe and Tom Cruise, is released on Friday.

It comes after the BBC announced a new 60-minute documentary looking back on the composer’s four-decade career.

The documentary, titled Hans Zimmer – Hollywood Rebel, promises to provide “unprecedented access” to Zimmer and will air on BBC Two on October 16.

The German-born, Los Angeles-based music producer recorded the new “suites” during his European concert tour of the same name in spring this year.

Recording took place over 10 nights and operated like a studio production, before Zimmer spent weeks mixing the album with his friend and producer Stephen Lipson.

Zimmer said: “I simply wanted to produce the best album.

“I wanted to create an opportunity for the music to breathe a little differently, in its own context.

“For this adventure, I am thrilled to have been joined by the greatest possible team of collaborators.”

Along with his 20-piece Disruptive Collective band featuring a number of long-time collaborators, Zimmer also worked with the Odessa Opera Orchestra and Choir on the project, which is titled Hans Zimmer Live.

The result is described as “an epic musical spectacle melding atmospheric classical arrangements and electronic elements into the powerful sound of a rock band”.

Zimmer also plays multiple instruments on the album.

Hans Zimmer Live will be available from March 3, 2023.