Graham Linehan show to be held outside Holyrood after two venues pull out

Organisers have set up a small stage outside the Scottish Parliament for the 'edgy comedy' show.

Graham Linehan’s Edinburgh Fringe show to be held outside Scottish Parliament after two venues pull out SNS Group

Father Ted creator Graham Linehan will perform on a small stage set up outside the Scottish Parliament after two venues pulled out of hosting the show.

The Comedy Unleashed event had been scheduled to play at the Leith Arches but the venue pulled out on Tuesday, citing Linehan’s views on gender issues.

A second venue was found on Wednesday but hours before the show was scheduled to kick off on Thursday they also cancelled.

It is not known why the second venue, which is undisclosed, pulled out.

At 7:15, just 15 minutes before the show is set to go ahead one of the comedians organising the event announced it would be held outside Holyrood.

Andrew Doyle tweeted a picture of a small stage with two mics just outside the public entrance of the Scottish Parliament.

He said: “Our replacement venue for Comedy Unleashed at the Edinburgh Fringe has now also cancelled on us.

“So Graham Linehan and the other acts will do the gig on a small stage outside the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood at 7:30pm

“This show is happening, whether these activists approve or not.”

As well as the entrance to the Scottish Parliament, the area is frequently used to hold protests and other political events.

Linehan previously threatened to sue the Leith Arches if it did not reverse its decision to cancel the show.

The writer, known for his work on the IT Crowd and Black Books, has been outspoken on his views about transgender and women’s rights.