Cherry blossom tree planted in memory Bay City Rollers’ Les Mckeown

The tribute will be planted in the Meadows in Edinburgh on Wednesday afternoon.

Cherry blossom tree planted in memory Bay City Rollers’ Les Mckeown Getty Images

A cherry blossom tree will be planted in memory of Bay City Rollers singer Les Mckeown in the Meadows.

Les, 65, died in April in London but hailed from Edinburgh.

A Sakura, also known as Japanese cherry trees, will be planted in his memory on Wednesday.

The tree, Prunus Kanzan, was donated by long-time Bay City Rollers fan Yoshiko Maluf after she contacted the City of Edinburgh Council asking if such a memorial might be possible.

She was delighted when a council worker suggested that she contact Tree Time Edinburgh.

Yoshiko, who will be present at the planting, said: “I met Les’ wife last week, I mentioned to her about this project.

“She seemed to be very shocked and said that Les had always wanted to plant Sakura.”

Sakuras, also known as Japanese cherry trees, generally refer to ornamental cherry trees and not those that produce fruit.

Yoshiko donated the tree through Tree Time Edinburgh, an organisation that works to plant large, prominent trees in streets and parks, ‘planting replacement landmark trees before the old ones die as well as trees in other public places and urban woodlands, new and existing’.

The Prunus Kanzan species was suggested by Edinburgh’s tree officer, a straight replacement for the trees that have been removed from West Meadows.

A plaque will mark the memorial tree which will be planted on Coronation Walk, which is near the Pavilion Cafe, north of Melville Drive.

The tree is one of a number being planted on Wednesday at 2pm.