Frightened Rabbit singer honoured in national art collection

Scott Hutchison took his own life in May last year following a battle with mental health.

Tribute: Frightened Rabbit frontman Scott Hutchison. STV
Tribute: Frightened Rabbit frontman Scott Hutchison.

By Laura Alderman & Jenness Mitchell

A “celebratory” photograph in honour of Frightened Rabbit singer Scott Hutchison has been unveiled in Edinburgh.

Mr Hutchison, 36, took his own life in May last year following a battle with mental health.

The portrait – now on display at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery – features the singer smiling on stage with an acoustic guitar.


Describing the picture to STV News, his mum Marion said: “It says that he’s kind and honest and loving and funny.

“The portrait and his words has created somewhere – a much-needed space – for people to come and just spend time with Scott, because that’s something that’s been needed.”

Mrs Hutchison joked that her son also looks like he’s just said “something really rude”.

Grant Hutchison, the late singer’s brother and bandmate, agreed.


He added: “He’s definitely said something inappropriate.

“It encapsulates him as a person, and what’s so beautiful about this portrait is that it’s not mid-song.

“He’s got an acoustic guitar – it’s from the Storytelling Centre, that’s where he was when the portrait was taken.”

Family: Marion and Grant Hutchison admire the portrait. STV

The picture was snapped in 2014 by photographer Ryan McGoverne, who said it captured Mr Hutchison’s character.

He said: “He was a raconteur on stage, his legendary banter in between songs was just as great and enriching as his songs.

“He looks happy here, wide eyed and talking to the audience. At home.”

Mr Hutchison formed Frightened Rabbit in his home town of Selkirk in the Scottish Borders in 2003.


He once said that there was “no greater feeling than bringing a new piece of music into the world, almost out of thin air”.

In the days following his death, fans and musicians paid tribute to the frontman, with many sharing stories about how he had helped them with their own mental health struggles.

Earlier this year, Mr Hutchison’s family set up a charity in his memory.

Tiny Changes, named after one of Mr Hutchison’s lyrics, supports efforts to improve mental health in children and young people.

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