Video premiere: Band reveal final single of the year

Some states is the last of four tracks for wojtek the bear in 2019.

Music: Wojtek the bear have released their final single of the year. <strong>wojtek the bear</strong>
Music: Wojtek the bear have released their final single of the year. wojtek the bear

Glasgow band wojtek the bear are set to release their final single of the year.

Some states is the last of four tracks for the band in 2019 and will be available digitally from Friday.

Lead vocalist and chief songwriter Tam Killean said: “It’s a song about that particularly painful end section of a failing relationship when it feels like all you’re doing is arguing with the other person over the most ridiculous things, like who used the last of the toothpaste and didn’t replace it.

“The title comes from that old(ish) Scottish expression – ‘I’ve never been to America, but I’ve been in some states!’


“I just really liked the dark, self-deprecating humour of it.

“I think it’s that ability to see the humour in the darkest of times that allows us to get through things sometimes.”

The video for the single – shot by Kris Boyle – sees the band expand on this darkly-comic theme of failure with a Nigel Mansell-obsessed Killean trying, and failing, to emulate his hero’s exploits on the track.

As with the last three singles (tonic youth, a long wait for bad news and slow tv), some states was once again recorded with acclaimed producer Jamie Savage at Chem19 Studios (The Twilight Sad, Miaoux Miaoux, The Phantom Band, RM Hubbert).

Some states: The single will be released on Friday. wojtek the bear

Each of the songs have been collected on a limited edition vinyl – old names for new shapes – which will also become available on November 22.

Wojtek the bear – named after a beloved Syrian brown bear that served in the Polish army during World War Two and then lived out the rest of his life at Edinburgh Zoo – is a five-piece made up of Killean along with Graham Norris (lead guitar), Paul Kirkwood (bass, vocals), Martin McClements (drums) and Becky Cheminais (violin).

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