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Hip-hop duo take on their trolls with single Lewis Capaldi

Shy & D.R.S hope the track will encourage others to chase their own dreams in spite of negativity.

Rappers: Shy & D.R.S have released a new track.

Hip-hop duo Shy & D.R.S are taking on their trolls with a fresh new single.

The twins – Mark and Darren Scott – hope their new track, titled Lewis Capaldi, will encourage others to chase their own dreams in spite of negativity.

The duo, from Aberdeen, told STV News: “We wanted to create a catchy and hard-hitting song that was about pursuing your dreams despite people’s negativity towards you and your dream, and just do ‘you’ whatever that may be.

“Because Scottish hip-hop is a relatively new thing to the vast majority of people, we get some really unnecessary negativity and put downs online all because we are pursuing what we love doing.

“We aren’t saying everyone has to like our music. People are more than free to not like it, but this song is about the people who love to write angry and nasty comments that mostly aren’t about the actual song when they could just scroll down their news feed to watch something that they do like.

‘We therefore wanted to make a song that tells people to do what they love despite what people might say or think.”

The duo – who have appeared on The X Factor and released music with the likes of Sandi Thom and Nazareth – have scored four top 40 hits on the Scottish Singles Chart since 2012.

The brothers hope to drop some more music and hit the road next year.

For those that haven’t seen the boys live in action before, the rappers promise an energetic and passionate performance.

They said: “We vibe off the crowd and always try to give them the best show possible since we appreciate them giving up their time and money to come and see us.

“We love interacting with them and even end up drinking with them afterwards a lot of the time.

“We love the feeling of performing a song we have written and the whole crowd screaming back our lyrics and just seeing what the song means to them.

“We never know the impact our songs have on people until we see it first hand at our shows.

“It makes all the work we do that bit more worthwhile.”

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