French military band to perform at Edinburgh Tattoo

The announcement was made by organisers to coincide with Bastille Day.

Celebration: The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. <strong>The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo</strong>
Celebration: The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo has marked Bastille Day by announcing a French military band as its first international act.

Musique de l’Artillerie, The Artillery Band of the French Army, will make its debut in Edinburgh next month, delivering a precision marching and musical display.

Organisers thought it fitting to make the announcement on the day French communities around the world celebrate the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille on July 14, 1789.

The event is marked with a huge military parade along the Champs-Elysees in Paris.


Led by major Laurent Arandel, director of music, Musique de l’Artillerie are based in Lyon.

Brigadier David Allfrey, chief executive and producer at the Tattoo, said: “Major Arandel and his team have been a pleasure to work with and we are delighted that they will join us, in just a couple of weeks’ time for the show.

“The band has developed a tremendous programme and draw from a fabulous palette of musical and military talent.

“We have a rich complement of international acts this year, each one representing one of the colours of the visible spectrum, all set to be seen in their different symmetries through our own kaleidoscope.


“We have astonishing genetic, historic, military and cultural connections with France and even shared a common language at various points in our history.

“Today, our defence forces work closely together in a number of scenarios across the world and we are thrilled this relationship and our long-held alliances can be showcased and celebrated at the Tattoo.”

The full programme for the Tattoo, which runs from August 2-24, will be announced later this month.

More than 1200 performers will take part in the Tattoo, which this year is celebrating the Kaleidoscope – the Scottish optical instrument first patented by Sir David Brewster in 1817.

The show will explore the symmetries of the armed forces, with the British Army to the fore, as well as those of allies.

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