Glasgow band to serve up a taste of the tropics with new EP

Chris Greig & The Merchants released Lipstick, featuring four indie-pop songs, last Friday.

Lipstick: Chris Greig & The Merchants released their EP last week. <strong>Blair Burnett Media</strong>
Lipstick: Chris Greig & The Merchants released their EP last week. Blair Burnett Media

A Glasgow band are aiming to serve up a taste of the tropics with their latest EP.

Chris Greig & The Merchants released Lipstick, featuring four tropical-pop songs, last Friday and the four-piece are hoping fans will love it.

Lead vocalist Chris Greig told STV News: “Our brand new EP, Lipstick, is maybe the most highly anticipated release amongst the band members yet.

“We have been working on it since last year, when we recorded and released Talking Aloud which was a preview of what was to come.”


The band said they have enjoyed working together in the studio so far as it feels like they are just hanging out with friends rather than making music.

Greig said: “Recording in the studio is always an amazing experience.

“It’s always so relaxed with us and never stressful.

“As a band we’ve only really ever recorded with two people, Mark Morrow in Edinburgh and Liam McCluskey of Morsecode Management, and both times we have been well looked after.


“Honestly, it always feels like we’re just hanging out with friends whenever we record.

“It’s always a great feeling leaving the studio with a finished song.”

The group – Greig (rhythm guitar), Chris Johnston (vocals and lead guitar), Daniel Jack (drums) and Donald Russell (bass) – narrowly missed out on a trip to New York after making it through to the live round of Hard Rock Cafe’s global Battle of the Bands competition in April.

Greig said: “Performing live is what it’s all about really.

“There is nothing better than performing to a busy room – especially when our crowd shows up and start the whole room in the ‘Chris Greig & The Merchants na na na na’ chants.

“It’s also very rewarding – a time when all your hard work pays off and you get to enjoy yourself with your best friends and your fans.

“It’s also amazing meeting new people every night we play.”


The band’s favourite gig to play so far has been supporting Indigo Velvet at King Tut’s in Glasgow.

Greig said: “This is the most energetic show we have ever played as the venue had sold out and we performed to a room full of Chris Greig & The Merchants regulars as well as loads of potential new fans.

“The amount of noise the crowd made for us was incredible and nothing will ever beat the sound of our older songs being sung back to us as loud as they were.”

The band will return to King Tut’s this July as part of the venue’s Summer Nights festival, before heading to the Lake District for Kendal Calling.

In August, they’ll then perform alongside Scottish legends Hue & Cry and Hipsway at Sound on the Sand in Ardrossan, North Ayrshire.

Gigs: The band will play a string of dates this summer. Blair Burnett Media

Before all that, the band are gearing up to head into the Highlands for a gig with “good friend” Callum McKenzie Jones at the Ironworks in Inverness this Friday.

Greig added: “This is something we are looking forward to because it’s always a great night with these guys and it’s our first time playing Inverness.

“Once the string of gigs and festivals are done, we hope to branch out further and play up and down the country.

“We hope to embark on a UK tour in second-half of the year, and perhaps a few more releases are on the cards.”

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