Art students ‘Hopelessly Devoted’ to new exhibition

The Glasgow School of Art students will showcase their new installation at The Garment Factory.

Hopelessly Devoted: The Glasgow School of Art students have created a new exhibition.
Hopelessly Devoted: The Glasgow School of Art students have created a new exhibition.

Students from The Glasgow School of Art want audiences to become Hopelessly Devoted to their new exhibition.

Named after the Grease song, the collaborative installation – showcasing the work of more than 30 artists – will feature both free-standing and performative works that set to explore how individuals and cultures have come to reinterpret ritualistic practices and ideas of worship within contemporary structures of society.

The exhibition was co-curated by GSA students Laura McGlinchey, Jessica Power, Martina Morger, Laura van der Tas and Wassili Widmer.

Widmer, who is also behind mobile gallery space Offspace Offspace, told STV News that the audience can expect an “extraordinary exhibition”.


He said: “There will be many great local artists, but also artists based further across the UK with various international backgrounds and all at different stages in their career.

“The show will cover a mix of visual works that create an artistic landscape as well as time-based art, which will connect the spaces between the visual works.

“Our wide network enabled us to find the perfect mix of artists to discuss the theme and concept.”

Exhibition: More than 30 artists will showcase their work.

Widmer will present an installation that thematises natural and cultural violence, while Morger will present a collaborative performance where she questions specific codes of society.


Through a unique mix of abstraction and figurative painting, Power will explore the power of symbols to discuss ideas of protection and fantasy.

McGlinchey will display a selection of her unique paintings, while van der Tas will provide a phenomenological view on “this admittedly unconventional idea” of building up an exhibition.

Widmer stated: “We’re Hopelessly Devoted and hope the viewers will be the same.”

Following the show’s launch, an after-party will continue the night of worship and rituals with special performances and dancing.

Scottish singer-songwriter Emme Woods will also perform a live set.

Widmer added: “All parts of the exhibition and after-party will be connected to the idea of being Hopelessly Devoted.

“Devotion is a part of being an artist, so the show definitely represents an ambitious part of artists in Glasgow.


“As serious as this sounds, through being aware of this ‘hopelessness’ we also know how to smile about it – especially recently when one of us starts to sing the Grease song that the title is based on.

“We’re definitely looking forward to transforming our collective energy into our two-day exhibition.”

Hopelessly Devoted will take place at The Garment Factory in Glasgow between 6pm and 9pm on Thursday. The after-party will then take place at nightclub Rost.

The exhibition will then reopen between 12pm and 5pm on Friday.

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