Watch: Dundee makar celebrates V&A opening in verse

Bill Herbert has penned a poem to mark the V&A museum opening its doors this weekend.

Dundee makar Bill Herbert has been inspired to pen a poem marking the V&A opening its doors for the first time.

Bill Herbert told STV News he had fallen in love with the stunning centrepiece of Dundee’s waterfront, after initially being unconvinced.

He said: “It’s actually the second poem I’ve written about the V&A. When it first came along I was like most Dundonians – I was a cynic.

“I wrote about the silver bridie [a reference to the V&A] and how much it would cost.


“As we’ve grown to live with it, we grew to love it. I was blown away with the design of it. The poem tracks the gradual falling in love with the thing itself.”

The ditty draws on the Dundee dialect, something Bill feels was important to the tone and structure of his piece.

“I suppose that’s one of the things folk who come to Dundee will have to get used to,” he said.

“When they visit the V&A they will also visit the great sound world of the Dundondian.”


Bill also hailed the museum as being the culmination of a long-term cultural revolution in the city.

“Lots of good things have been happening,” he said. “Since the mid-90s onwards there’s been a great increase in the confidence and culture of the city.

“It feels like this is just the crest of the wave.”

The V&A opens its doors to the public at 10am on Saturday.

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