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Karen Gillan says Scotland is great place to make films

The Scottish actress is making her directorial debut in her home city of Inverness.

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Karen Gillan reckons every film should be shot in Scotland because of its “amazing” locations and the skill of crew members.

The Inverness-born screen star has recently been filming her directorial debut, entitled The Party’s Just Beginning, in Glasgow and her home city, and she wants to raise awareness of the country as a destination for movie makers.

The 29-year-old actor, who is also reviving her Guardians Of The Galaxy character in the next Avengers movie, believes Scotland is “a great country for making films”.

She told Press Association Scotland: “It’s amazing to make films in this country because we have such amazing crew members. People are really, really good at their jobs. We have amazing locations.

“Frankly everything should be shot here, that’s what I think.”

She described the filming of part of the Avengers: Infinity War movie in Scotland as “really cool”, and added: “I’m happy about that because I think this is a great country for making films.

“I think people could become more aware of Scotland as a destination for movie making.”

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