Zoo visitor warning after chimp spotted with her stillborn baby

Edinburgh Zoo keepers have apologised for any distress caused as they give the primate time to grieve.

Zoo keepers have apologised to visitors for any distress. RZSS via Email
Zoo keepers have apologised to visitors for any distress.

Edinburgh Zoo has issued a warning to visitors after one of its chimpanzees was spotted clutching her stillborn baby.

Keepers say Lianne, the 32-year-old primate, is not letting go of the baby chimp due to her “strong maternal instincts”.

Zoo staff have apologised to visitors for any distress and said they are waiting for the chimp to leave her baby naturally or for any opportunity to safely retrieve it.

David Field, Royal Zoological Society of Scotland chief executive, said: “Sadly one of our chimps recently had a stillborn baby which she is holding onto due to her strong maternal instincts.


“While this is natural behaviour which you would find in the wild, we understand it may be upsetting to see and have placed warning signs for visitors at the entrances of our chimpanzee viewing areas.

“It could take some time for our keepers to safely retrieve the baby and we are sorry for any distress this may cause.”

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